Biosignature Platform

comprehensive situational awareness in the field, anywhere globally


Non-Invasive Sensor Array & Data Processing - Kinetic/Motion Sensors, EOIR Sensors, ElectroChem Sensors, Spectroscopy Sensors, Graphene Sensors

Smart Phone Application

Real-Time Insights and Alerts - Thermal Data, Rapid Motion Detection (Falls/Spins), Pulse Rate, Blood Oxygen, Glucose, pH, Bacterial/Viral Detection, Rate Changes

Cloud Analytics

Data Security, User Anonymization, Smartphone Data Collection, and Advanced Cloud Analytics to Detect Trends and Concerns for Individuals and Populations

3rd Party Integration

Health Information Systems, Medical Record Platforms, Sentiment Streams, Weather Streams, Who Data, Dark Data

Real-Time Secure Data

login to your secured customized platform to scan individual's Wyze band for instant access to key bio-marker trending

Population Trending

view pattern recognition analysis on individuals and populations via smartphone app or cloud

Cloud Analytics

advanced analytic capabilities safely stored or integrated with clients existing health information systems