Biosignature Platform (BSP)
next generation healthcare

Wearable sensors
Novel wearable devices integrate non-invasive biosensors to provide accurate measurements of target biomarkers in real-time
Mobile application
Easy to use interface collects data, processes, and transmits information related to a subjects profile, physiological sensors, and survey assessments.
Cloud dashboards
Display individual and population health assessments for real-time monitoring and custom alerting to end-users and their support systems
SM analytics
Social media analytics provide sentiment analysis trending for increased behavioral self-awareness.
Machine Learning
Cutting edge strategies in machine learning provide advanced frameworks for the highest predictive accuracy across use cases.
Secured solutions
Leveraging the latest techniques in data encryption through transmission and at rest ensures quality data and personal protection.

What makes our platform
more actionable than generic wearables?

Our system collects, analyzes and transmits biological, psychological and social data through the seamless integration of wearable devices, a software application, cloud storage, web dashboards, and an emerging artificial intelligence engine. Our patented technology enables you to:

  1. Efficiently collect information from biological, psychological, and social data streams for actionable insights.
  2. Seamlessly visualize quality insights for personalized interventions.
  3. Confidently provide custom tools, exercises, and automate connections to users support system for maximum impact.
  4. Continuously monitor impact to adjust and optimize outcomes in real-time.
  • Reduce missed signs, symptoms, and diagnoses
  • Improve treatment outcomes
  • Cut direct and indirect healthcare costs