Situational Awareness and Wisdom

for Large Scale Population Gatherings

We are providing humanitarian technology innovation to transform field healthcare for the 65M+ refugees and internally displaced persons, those affected by the 300+ disasters per year, and the 1.3 billion people living in extreme poverty

Our Team – technical and mission collaborative

Born out of the Air Force Research Lab in collaboration with SP Global Inc. and Wright Brothers Institute to drive advanced technologies to new markets.  Our technology supports global humanitarian field operational needs. We are not just a technology product development company.  We have deep connections with our end users and their missions.  We are tied to their missions and ensure they succeed.

Advisory Board

Dr. Georges Bwelle

Dr. Bwelle is a visceral surgeon at the Regional Hospital in Yaounde the capital city of Cameroon and for at least 3 weekends each month he travels to the most remote villages in the country where he provides free medical, dental, and surgical care to hundreds of villagers. Dr. Bwelle was recognized by CNN as one of their Top Ten Heroes in 2013.

Mr. Terry Foley

Professional soccer player England Div 1, professional certified elite soccer coach, physical thermodynamics and biomarker, serial entrepreneur.

Dr. Bimal Gandhi

Asst Prof of anesthesiology at VCU, board cert'd in anesthesiology, Medical Director of regional anesthesia and acute pain at a large quaternary care hospital in Northern Virginia. A practicing physician with a background in biomedical engineering, uniquely qualified in providing expertise regarding disease states and its impact on human physiology.

Dr. Alice Grabowski

Physician with over 10 years experience in advanced medical interventions for large venue event health services and mass gathering medical advisory; including the Super Bowl, MLB All Star Game, Madison Square Garden, Burning Man, Tomorrowworld, etc., developed protocols for onsite treatment and critical care. Creating temporary 30 bed field emergency rooms to optimize care working with local care providers.

Dr. Mike Lenczyk

Physician with over 30 years experience in operating environments from urban emergency to field disaster response scenarios. Critical care experience during multiple mass casualty disaster events, including capturing post event lessons and leading advanced disaster planning initiatives.

International Business
Mr. Keram Nazari

International business executive, serial entrepreneur, specializing in logistics and global distribution networks, holds BS and MS in applied math.

Relief & Development
Mr. Rabih Torbay

A seasoned veteran working with international agencies in practice, strategy, program implementation, accountability, and organizational and fiscal integrity. He has an in-depth expertise in formulating strategy, policy and practice to promote relief and development projects in conflict and post conflict countries, in addition to devastation caused by natural disasters.

Leadership Team

Eric Vollmecke

Special advisor to the President, over 30 years experience in R&D development, with mission expertise in homeland defense, humanitarian operations, reserve/national guard affairs, and international security. Successful commercial medical device product and venture launch.

Chris Wimmer

15+ years’ humanitarian related mission experience. Experience in launching multiple joint ventures building mission-aligned partnerships with a unique emphasis on requirements/evaluation/testing and implementation of bio-sensing systems, integrated relationship models, systems thinking, strategic innovation, market-pull analysis, management and operations. Holds B.S. and Certificates in Human-Centered Design for Social Innovation from +Acumen and IDEO.

James Mainord

Attorney with 10+ yrs experience leading product and venture launches. Experience commercializing government funded R&D into new markets. Technology development, intellectual property, licensing, team agreements and capital expertise. Holds BS in political science and a JD.

Scott Frayser

Investment banking and corp finance exec with 30+ yrs experience leading merger, acquisition, divestiture and capital raise transactions. Advised numerous companies in structuring and executing institutional and private placement capital raise transactions. Holds a BS finance degree as well as related wealth management and advisory certifications. A serial entrepreneur with multiple successful product and venture launches.

Tim Brooks

Manufacturing and engineering executive with over 30 years of specialized experience, is industry leading flex circuit manufacturing expert, with extensive experience in human form factors, wearable packaging, medical devices, and massively scalable processes including roll-to-roll production.

Software Development
Adam Nyberg

15+ years of product dev and ops support including advanced human/bio system apps. Device firmware and comms expertise with advanced analytics development and cloud service integration.

Craig Steffen

We were founded, motivated, and continue to be inspired by fond memories of Craig Steffen.

Diverse Teaming Across Multiple Industries

Entrepreneurs, Technologists, System Engineers, Physicians, Biomedical Engineers, Data Scientists, Software Developers